Volunteers Carrying Out Learning-from-Leifeng Serial Activities

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Jingling Cai, Zhibo Wu

University Office (Party Office)


On March 5th, the volunteer team on Jinhai Campus carried out a series of service activities, including campus cleaning, blood pressure measuring and Leifeng story publicizing, to practise and develop the Spirit of Leifeng, who was known as Chinese Good Samaritan.
       At noon, carrying Leifeng bags and garbage bags, volunteers began picking up garbages on campus, despite the dirts and their tiredness.  At the gate of Students Dining Hall, volunteers told Leifeng stories to their schoolfellows and handed out Leifeng bags and badges, so as to deliver "the positive power of the Leifeng spirit".  Medical technology volunteer team offered free blood pressure measurement for the faculty in the lobby of Faculty Dining Hall and gave tips on hypertension prevention.  For those whose blood pressure looked high, volunteers gave a double check to ensure the accuracy of data and meanwhile told them about precautions on diet.  



Volunteers on Jiashan Campus participated in Library relocation, campus cleaning, informationization service, and many other activities. Some went to Senior Apartment to spend time with old people.


Translated By Xia Qiao

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