Theme Activities on Women's Day Praised

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Yun Shen

Labor Union 


"I hope we can have such activities more often. They make our life more beautiful!"said many women teachers on March 5th in the activities celebrating the 104th anniversary of International Working Women's Day organized by our university labor union and women's committee.

The serial theme activities include a seminar on coffee culture, appreciation of Japanese tea ceremony, practice on artistic flower arrangement and legal consulting service.In the cafe in Teachers' Activity Center, Rui Zhu, dean of English Department of Foreign Languages School, talked on coffee culture, attracting many teachers who like coffee and want to know more stories behind coffee.




On the second floor of International Cultures Experience Center, quiet yet orderly Japanese style "tea ceremony" was going on. Guided by teachers of Japaneses Department including a Japanese teacher, the participants experienced the Japanese Chado. 


During the artistic flower arrangement activity, cheerful chatting and laughing were echoed on the first floor of International Cultures Experience Center; many women teachers took pictures with their works. The legal consulting service was provided by two teachers from Law Department of Business School, offering help for those women teachers in need.


Translated by Xia Qiao


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