A blind date with Shanghai —Micro Film Carnival

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This carnival is so cool!

Let’s use camera to tell a Shanghai story.

Let’s explore Shanghai, enjoy a wonderful adventure.

Let’s meet up various young people, enjoy cross-culture communication.

Still waiting? No way! Let’s go.


Join in this Carnival

Welcome all expats and Sanda students

Send your script (Chinese and English are both available) about a blind date with Shanghai to creativeearlybirds@126.com, any further information please feel free to contact us.


About the Carnival


* All participants initially team up with at most 6 people in each team (at least one expat);


* Every team creates one original script about a blind date with Shanghai, and organizes the film-shooting;


* All participants need to exchange language:Chinese speaks English while expats speak Chinese in the film;


Carnival Schedule

Now--April week2 Deadline for submitting scripts(creativeearlybirds@126.com)

April-May Preparation, rehearsal, filming and post process

June week 1 Micro film works exhibition and voting

June week 2 Carnival End Party and the Award Ceremony



* Winning team

All team members (students and teacher) enjoy a free tour to Hangzhou.

* For expat participants

Best Chinese Accent 1 ----a bottle of Champagne

Best Actor/Actress 1-----a bottle of Champagne

* Surprise

The best playwright has opportunity to get a mini-iPad as reward.


Follow our Official Weichat to know more information



This carnival is held by Sanda University, sponsorships include Exchange Department, Student Union and Earlybirds. All rights reserved.

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