School of International Medical Technology: Successful Teacher Training

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Na Lu

School of International Medical Technology


On Feb. 25th, the School of International Medical Technology held a teaching skills competition.  Huihua Lu, member of the School’s supervisors group, and chief physician of Renji Hospital spoke highly of the young instructors:“After a semester’s training and practice, the teaching ability and pedagogical effects of the young instructors have been greatly enhanced”.
       The School of International Medical Technology attaches great importance to bringing up young faculty members and has adopted many measures to improve the quality of their teaching and of the courses.  The first is to strengthen training in order to improve instructors’ practical teaching ability.  Every young instructor has completed 8 weeks of clinical practice and passed an operational test of basic nursing skills.  The second measure is to set up a teaching quality supervision group.  The school has hired experts in relevant fields to guide the young instructors in their trial lectures and to oversee their operational tests.  In the meantime, the School has held teaching preparation meetings and joint meetings on teaching methods and established an expert supervisory system.  School leaders have also gone into young instructors’ classrooms to listen in and to check their teaching. 
       The third measure is to encourage the young instructors to participate in various theme-oriented seminars and workshops.  In 2013, the School sent a few young faculty members to take part in national-level and university-level seminars and workshops.  One instructor was sent to the United States to study theories of humanistic care.  The school also held “the First International Symposium on Old-age Healthcare Service”.  And another method the School has employed has been to actively organize all kinds of mentoring activities, giving full play to the abilities and skills of experts and professors with rich teaching and clinical experiences.
       The efforts have led to obvious results.  Instructor Zhufeng Zhao won a prize for excellence in a private universities’ core faculty teaching skills competition.  In the recent teaching skills competition organized by the School, the 7 participating young instructors were all confident and vivid in their lectures, making full use of visual aids and exhibiting their respective charms.  At the end of the competition, the expert supervisors group, consisting of Chief Physician Huihua Lu, Director Jianhua Lou of the Children’s Medical Center and Professor Xiaolu Xu of Changhai Hospital, awarded the first, second and third prizes respectively to Feifei Gu, Yuanyuan Zhang and Lei Cheng.

Translated by Wei Ding

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