Sanda’s Independent Recruitment for Three-year Diploma Programs (2014)

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Admissions Office


Sanda completed its 2014 independent recruitment for three-year diploma programs recently, admitting 68 students.
        The plan this year was to take in 70 students without examinations. The admissions office admitted the students through personal interviews. There were altogether 88 applicants, 68 of whom were qualified so the admission rate was 77%.  The university admissions office has already sent out notifications of preliminary admission to the qualified applicants and has publicized the results online.  Among the admitted, the graduates from middle vocational schools will register at Sanda on March 15th and obtain their official admission letters.  The graduates from ordinary high schools will come to register on April 26th.
        A main officer from the University Admissions Office said the requirements for this year’s independent recruiting are somewhat higher than those of last year.  A student who meets one of the following 7 requirements can be admitted without examination. 
        The first is if she has obtained a provincial-, or district- or bureau-level title of excellence.  The second is if the sum of his/her scores from the Academic Tests of Ordinary High Schools for the first 6 subjects is greater than or equal to 420. The third is if she has won at least a third prize from a national middle vocational school skills competition.
        The fourth is if she has garnered at least a third prize from a Starlight Plan Competition’s individual all-around component or a first prize from an individual skills component.  The fifth is if she has attained a senior certificate of professional qualification granted by a relevant department. The sixth is if she is winner of first prize  scholarship for  Shanghai City outstanding students. The seventh is if she has obtained a certificate of PET3 or above granted by the Ministry of Education’s Testing Center.  The admissions office did not consider students that have not passed interviews or that listed Sanda as a second choice of university.  The 68 admitted students all meet the above-mentioned criteria, which shows an improvement of student quality from the previous year.

Translated by Wei Ding

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