President Jin Li Spoke on Meeting on Mass-line Educational Activities

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Zhibo Wu

University General Affairs Office


On Feb. 26th, (Enlarged) Meeting for Summary Report on Mass-line Educational Practice Activities in the Shanghai Private University System & Core Group Learning was held at Sanda.  Participants were from 24 private universities and training institutes in Shanghai.  Deyi Gao, Deputy Party Secretary of Municipal Education and Health Work, Deputy Director of the City Board of Education and Secretary of Shanghai Private Universities’ CCP Working Committee, and Pengcheng He, Office Director of Shanghai Private Universities’ CCP Working Committee and Director of the Private Education Management Office under the City Board of Education, attended and addressed the meeting.  Representatives from 4 universities including Sanda shared their thoughts.


In the meeting, President Jin Li mainly elaborated on three principles and three practical guidelines for establishing the long-term mechanisms of mass-line educational practice activities.  The first principle is to supervise governance.  The second is to provide opportunities for every individual to realize his/her potential and to ensure that everyone knows the rules clearly. The third is to give positive energy to the university, to exhibit Sanda’s high and open-minded spirits.


Then, the first practical guideline is that we should be in firm control of our teaching quality and adhere to the mass-line lifeline.  Secondly, we should strongly support discipline building and management growth and deeply care about the masses and faculty for they are the soil to the lifeline.  Thirdly, we should insist on the correct pathways of development.

        Deyi Gao spoke on the key points for private universities’ CCP party construction work in 2014.  The first point is insisting on the correct ideologies, the core work of private universities’ party organizations.  We need to continue to adhere to the leadership of CCP and to socialism.  He also stated that it is a major responsibility of the private universities’ party committees to keep university administration in the right direction.  Thirdly, he pointed out that we should seize the momentary opportunities of the new round of comprehensive educational reforms to deepen mechanism reforms of the private university system.

        Pengcheng He summarized on the private universities’ mass-line educational practice activities.  He expressed his hopes that private universities will keep on consolidating and developing the results of their educational practice activities, and that they will continue to well implement rectifications and institute improvements, carrying them out in a pragmatic fashion and tailoring closely to their own circumstances so that ultimately they will obtain high-level scientific achievements and that the masses will receive real and satisfactory benefits.

        Xing Wang,Vice Director of the Office of Shanghai Private Universities’ CCP Working Committee, also introduced in the meeting the keys for the work of Shanghai Private Universities’ CCP Working Committee in 2014.

Translated by Wei Ding

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