20 Students from Business School Participated in IEEP

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Minyun Chen, Jinyuan Yi



A visit-study program, the International Investigation Report and Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Elite Program (IEEP in short) , co-organized by Shengxiang School of Business (SSB) of our university and NiSen SiBo International Education Company, was launched on Feb. 2 and ended on Feb. 17.Students from over 30 universities in Shanghai, Beijing and other cities, including 20 students of SSB, participated in the program.



In the 15-day trip, students visited Stanford University, University of California-Berkeley, California Institute of Technology and other famous universities, experienced guidance from famous professors and participated in communication with elite from famous schools. They also visited Silicon Valley and listened respectfully to the career plans of top management. Besides, they also participated in international volunteer work. World Daily featured the activity.



In Stanford, the students attended a lecture by Prof. Vincent Yip, who specialized in "project management" and "hi-tech innovation", and gained a preliminary understanding of the development of the new enterprises in Silicon Valley and better understanding of factors in innovation business.

Hao Yu, President of CAST, gave a lecture on cultural differences between China and US at UCLA. In the auditorium of Pepperdine University, students listened to a lecture by Prof. Stephen M. Rapier on "How to make out and maintain marketing strategies" which benefited the students of marketing substantially.

A visit to innovation enterprises in Silicon Valley was also a highlight of this IEEP trip. Students visited famous innovation enterprises which took the lead in the global technological direction like Yahoo, 谷歌, and Intel and experienced their corporate cultures, innovative spirit and atmosphere.



In the City of Thousand Oaks, the students participated in volunteer tree planting activity jointly held by CAST and Conejo Recreation & Park District. In the evening, invited by CAST, City Councilor Joel Price attended the dinner party and extended his sincere welcome to the students.

As a student said, this IEEP trip is not only a learning and experiencing trip, but also a dream cultural trip. It will be an unforgettable and wonderful memory and the starting point of an innovative dream.


Translated by Xia Qiao

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