Three Freshmen Won the Title of "Outstanding Volunteer"

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Ru Xi, Xiao Yi

Propaganda Department, Party Committee 


Before the Spring Festival, "Spring volunteers" often showed up in SMG news. Zhu Zhu, Yiqing Wang, and Junyi Cao from Jiashan Campus were three active members among them.

During the period of "Spring Festival transportation", the most "painful" yet happy migration in China, these freshmen felt that helping others and devoting to society would help fulfill their "Chinese dream". They said they were very proud to be volunteers at Shanghai South Railway Station.



From Jan. 16 to 29, they worked 12 hours a day. "It's hard, but worthwhile," one of them said. Being volunteers, they pointed directions for travelers in hustle and bustle and helped those with large luggage. In emergencies, their quick reactions and responses were praised by the railway station authority. To lighten the busy and hustling atmosphere, volunteers used their talents and performed "flash" dances several times at the station, bringing warmth and laughter to passengers in the harsh winter. Zhu Zhu, Yiqing Wang, and Junyi Cao took the "leading role" in the flash dances. They did excellently in programming, learning and organizing the performances. With sincere devotion and warm services, they were awarded "Outstanding Volunteer at Shanghai South Railway Station 2014" by CPC Shanghai South Railway Station Branch, Young Volunteers Association of Huangpu District, and Public Benefit Youth Volunteer League.

Translated by Xia Qiao







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