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Yun Shen

Sanda University Newspaper and Journal Editorial Department 



Shanghai Sanda University Research and Development, Sanda's University journal, was named one of the "10 Best Journals" in the third contest of China's private university journals and theses. The news was announced at the Fourth Symposium on China's Private University Newspapers and Journals held during December 6th-9th 2013.

Since 2008, this award selection has been held once every two years by China Private University Newspaper and Journal Research Association, and this is the third time the award has been granted. It is the first time Sanda's journal wins this title.

In the past two years, the quarterly Shanghai Sanda University Research and Development has published eight issues in total, presenting 109 articles of 640,000 words, covering various fields including research on teaching, discipline building, CPC construction and student work, private university development, etc.

In 2012, in addition to regular columns and with special attention to research hot-spots and important university affairs, the editorial department set up columns such as "Special Discussions on Sanda's 20th Anniversary ", "Featuring the 20th Anniversary" and "Focusing on the Chinese Communist Party's 18th National Congress". Every issue has its significant feature articles, which to some extent have strengthened the influence of the journal.

Translated by Wei Ding


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