Shanghai Deputy Mayor Visited Sanda

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Dejing Kong, Qiuyun Wu

University General Affairs Office



On December 24 2013, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Tiehui Weng and her delegation visited Sanda in order to survey the university and to provide guidance. Places visited included the Nursing Training Center of the School of International Medical Technology, the library, the Nijun-Zhanglu Information Science Studio and the International Cultural Experience Center. Accompanying the Deputy Mayor were Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal Government Ming Zong, Director of the City Board of Education Ming Su, Deputy Party Secretary of City Education and Health Work and Deputy Director of the City Board of Education Deyi Gao, Deputy Director of the City Board of Education Jing Lu.

Sanda University Board Director Xuanhai Li, President Jin LiVice President and Deputy Secretary of Sanda Communist Party Committee Fuming Wang also participated in the survey.President Jin Li reported about Sanda on a forum held afterwards. Tiehui Weng pointed out that the University should insist on its non-profit administration and on clarifying its property rights. She said that in the future the Shanghai government could consider step-by-step reducing the gap between investments in the University and investments in public universities of the city.


Translated by Wei Ding



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