Employment Rate of Class of 2013 Reached 98.43%

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Jingling Cai

Office of Career Services



Class of 2013 Employment Review and Class of 2014 Employment Mobilization Meeting was held on December 30 2013.Chairs of the meeting summed up past experiences of Sanda graduates' job seeking, analyzed the trends in the current job market, set up and assigned tasks for employment work in the next year. Vice President and Deputy Secretary of Sanda Communist Party Committee Fuming Wang reported on the recent internet video conference of China's college and university graduates' employment and raised four requirements as to how to help graduates seek jobs. Vice President Zengtai Zhang and those in charge of assisting graduates' job search in different schools of Sanda together signed the Class of 2014 Employment Target Duty Pledge.

As of August 2013, the employment rate of Class of 2013 had reached 98.43%, somewhat higher than that of the previous year. The job contract signing rate was 77.48%. In 2013, Sanda was newly named Shanghai's Innovation Base of Employment Services for University Graduates. In order to cope with severe difficulties in the job market for university graduates in recent years, to promote employment, to improve administration at the university- and school-levels and to enhance employment quality, Sanda has tried out an annual review of employment services for Class of 2013 graduates on the basis of rewarding schools that have reached periodic assessment goals. The School of Humanities, the School of International Medical Technology, the School of Management and the Shengxiang School of Business have been named Advanced Communities in Employment Services for Class-of-2013 Graduates.


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