China University of Technology

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    China University of Technology, C.U.Te. for short, was founded in 1965. The school started as "Chinese Municipal Vocational School", a school specializing in the field of civil administration at that time. In 1983, in conformity with the economical development plan of our country, the school shifted its original educational direction and was renamed “China Junior College of Industrial and Commercial Management” In 2000, approved by the Ministry of Education to be elevated to institute status, the school was once again renamed as “Chung Kuo Institute of Technology”. Chung Kuo literally means China. Finally, in 2005, the school was elevated to university status—the highest layer of the hierarchical school system. On August 1of that year, the school took an official new name: “China University of Technology”.

CUTe has two campuses: one is in Taipei; the other is in Hsinchu. Taipei campus is located at Wenshan district, occupying 5 hectares of land. It is near public transportation—so convenient that it takes only five minutes for you to walk from the campus to the nearby MRT(Wan Fang Hospital Station). Though busy Xing Long Road is just around the corner, the campus is quiet yet dynamic. A campus trail, which winds its way up through the rolling wooded hill, provides an excellent place not solely for listening to the chirps of birds, but for training your physical body likewise. The trail is scattered with some artistic pavilions, which add a feeling of esthetics to Nature and become the scenic resorts students like to frequent. Hsinchu campus is situated in Hukou township, occupying 14 hectares of land. It is its artistic buildings and placid pond that the beautiful 14-hectare campus particularly features.

    The breath-taking pond lets you temporarily forget all your worries and draws your feeling into a peaceful environment. It goes without saying that the well-equipped Hsinchu campus offers as many amenities as meet the needs of eager students. Taking advantage of its location, which is in the vicinity of an industrial zone, the campus staff has more opportunities to conduct collaborative projects with regional industries. With a strong tradition of liberal and professional education, the school encourages students to accomplish their ideals in the pursuit of knowledge.



    Sanda and CUTe signed exchange and cooperation agreement in April, 2013.


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