Taipei College of Maritime Technology

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    Taipei College of Maritime Technology is a technology college located at Shilin district and new north freshwater district of Taipei City, Taiwan. It is divided into five specialized departments and four technology departments. After graduate from technology department, students can get bachelor’s degree. There are two fixed terminals, a floating dock, four power boats, four boats hangers and other equipments for students to practice sailing in Shilin campus. Freshwater campus located at Danhai new city townTaipei county. There are about 2,100 students in freshwater campus and seven departments including department of management ( international trade ) , department of multimedia and game science , department of travel management , department of computer and communication engineering , department of sea and air cargo and marketing ( shipping companies management ) , Department of visual communication design & cruise degree program .



    Sanda and TaipeiCollegeofMaritimeTechnology signed exchange agreement in April, 2013.


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