Mingdao University

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    Mingdao University is a private university in Taiwan. Founded in 2001, formerly known as the Ming School of Management, Mingdao University is located in Pitou Town, Changhua County. The university establishes department of landscape according to local conditions, nurtures landscape design talents, improve local industries, and establishes the first high-quality agriculture department. The departments of information, management, design and educational institute will greatly enhance the cultural and educational level of the area. The university offers the following courses: digital design, fashion shape, landscape design, green environmental design, Chinese literature, applied English, applied Japanese, industrial innovation and management, hospitality management, leisure and health, international marketing and logistics, Fincance, quality agriculture, information and communication, biotechnology and so on.



    Sanda and Mingdao University signed exchange and cooperation agreement in April, 2013.

URL: http://www.mdu.edu.tw/

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