The University of Alcala

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  The University of Alcala is a public university located in Alcala de Henares,  a city 35 km northeast of Madrid in Spain, founded in 1977. The University of Alcala is especially renowned in the Spanish-speaking world for its annual presentation of the highly prestigious Cervants Prize. 

Because of its rich tradition in the humanities, the University of Alcala offers several programs in Spanish language and literature. Alcalingua, a Department of the University of Alcala, offers Spanish Language and Culture courses to foreigners and develops materials for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The University of Alcala, together with EDUESPAÑA, grants the CEELE, Certificado de Calidad en la Enseñanza del Español como Lengua Extranjera (Quality Certificate for Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language).


In 2012, Sanda and the University of Alcala signed the agreement of dispatching teachers and student exchange. Now teachers of University Alcala are teaching in Spanish major in Sanda. In 2013, students of Spanish major also went to study at University of Alcala as exchange students for one year.



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