University of Nebrija

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    University of Nebrija is a private and independent university which takes its name from the 15th century humanist who published the first grammar of the Spanish language. In keeping with the effort to expand Spanish language and culture and to promote understanding between people of many nations, the university welcomes students from all over the world to experience modern Spain in a traditional university setting. In addition to Spanish language and Hispanic Studies, the university also offers a wide range of academic subjects taught in Spanish and English, such as Art History, Cultural Studies, Political Science, and Sociology. The university aspires to maintain the highest quality of scientific investigation and academic instruction. It is a small university, with an annual enrollment of approximately 3,000 Spanish students and 500 international students. The student to teacher ratio is roughly 10:1.

    In 2012, Sanda and UniversityofNebrija signed intercollegiate exchanges and cooperation agreements, so that our Spanish major students will have the opportunities to get further studies. In 2013, students of Spanish major have been studied at the university for two semesters. This project won the funding of Shanghai Municipal Government overseas study and internship scholarship.


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