Royal Roads University

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    Royal Roads University is a public university located in Colwood, British Columbia, Canada.

    In 1995, Royal Roads Military College at Hatley Memorial Park on the Esquimalt Lagoon, where Canada's Pacific naval fleet is stationed, was closed and the government of British Columbia granted Royal Roads University license to open as a public university with an applied and professional focus. Royal Roads University maintains strong ties with the Canadian Forces.

    Royal Roads' programs were initially targeted towards military personnel and other public servants. The alumni of Royal Roads Military College are considered alumni of Royal Roads University and are always invited by the university to participate in alumni events and the alumni network. Bob Skene, Royal Roads University Chancellor from 2003-2006 stated "As a national institution of higher learning, I believe we should be adopting and honouring our military legacy as an institution with 66 years of history".

    Royal Roads University offers applied and professional programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level, focusing on graduate level career development. The programs are primarily offered on line, with periodic on campus residencies for face to face intensive sessions. This format is designed to favour working professionals, who may complete the programs at a distance. The University offers three formats: i) on-site with 100% face to face learning, ii) blended, with part of the program taught in a face to face residency and the balance on line; and iii) completely on-line. Residency based programs range from one to three weeks, and are often held on-campus, but select programs host their residencies in unique locations around the world. Mature students are welcome, and credits are available for prior experience in the subject area. The university also offers some on-campus undergraduate programs.

    Based on the 2008 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Royal Roads University was ranked 1st for an active and collaborative learning experience, 2nd for level of academic challenge, 4th for senior year student satisfaction, 5th for supportive campus environment, 28th for student-faculty interaction, and 37th for enriching educational experience. In 2009, again Royal Roads ranked 1st for active and collaborative learning experience; and 3rd for level of academic challenge.

    In 2008 the Globe and Mail Canadian University Report gave Royal Roads grades in particular categories along with 55 other universities. The grades are based on the Globe and Mail student satisfaction survey. Royal Roads was one of the 14 universities in the under 4000 students assessment pool and received a grade of B-. In both the 2009 and 2010 Globe and Mail Canadian University Report Royal Roads received and overall average of A-.

    Royal Roads University attaches great importance to international education, with particular emphasis on China's friendly cooperation. Partners include the Central Party School, the Central Committee and the China Youth Federation, the SME Development Association under the National Development and Reform Commission of China, the Guangdong Provincial Party School, Jinan University, Shandong Normal University, Capital Normal University, Tianjin Polytechnic University and so on. Renowned economist Fan Gang is the school's honorary doctorate. Now, there are many Chinese universities, government agencies and business groups are discussing cooperation matters with Royal Roads University.



    Sanda University and Royal Roads University signed cooperation and exchange agreement in July 2012. Now the cooperation about tourism management and hotel management are under discussion. The students of this major, after their graduate, are expected to go to Royal Roads University to pursue their Master’s degree.


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