Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

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Kyoto University of Foreign Studies was originally established under the name Kyoto School of Foreign Languages in May of 1947. It was soon after World War , when a great demand had arisen for an international understanding which would lead to world peace. One of the urgent requirements to accomplish this goal was to develop young Japanese men and women who could not only master foreign languages, but understand cultures, economies and societies of the world.

The motto of the university, "PAX MUNDI PER LINGUAS (World Peace through Languages)" has represented the founders' strong wish for achieving world peace. In addition to the Latin motto, the importance of "an indomitable spirit" has also been emphasized and valued as a primary basis for education and research, because that is what the founders believed to be an essential quality for students of foreign languages to possess.

Kyoto University attached great importance in international exchange, so it has cooperation relationship with 69 universities of 24 countries.

In 2004, Sanda and Kyoto University signed exchange agreement. From 2008, two sophomores of Japanese major will be selected to go to study in Kyoto for one year. This project also won the funding of college students study abroad and internship project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.





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