Keisen University

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    Keisen University, founded in 1988 in Tama city, is aprivatewomen's college. For 24 years since, the University has educated and sent out students as independent women, to live in peace and harmony with others wherever they are, with their family, in the workplace or community and to be able to say "yes" or "no" with confidence.

At present, the University has two faculties, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Human and Social Studies with some 2,000 students. All Keisen students study Christianity, Horticulture and Peace Studies as compulsory, introductory subjects in their first year.
    In particular, the Faculty of Human and Social Studies has a close relationship with the Graduate School of Peace Studies. This Faculty, established in 2005, consists of two departments, the Department of International Social Studies and Department of Human Life and Environmental Studies, and is characterized by an issue-oriented approach and active experience-led study (study through experience). The students of this Faculty are encouraged to study development, human rights and environmental issues in both global and local contexts, and to participate in the three programs of study through experience: the Long-term Field Study Program, the Short-term Field Study Program and the Community Service Learning Program. The Faculty of Human and Social Studies aims to train students to be responsive to social issues from a critical and fair perspective, and to be active to resolve global issues on the basis of mutual respect and co-existence.


     In 2008, Keisen University and Sanda University signed the agreement of short-term Chinese language experience project. During 2009 to 2012, 28 students of Keisen University came to our school to study Chinese and experience Chinese Culture in two weeks. In 2011, the universities signed long-term student exchange agreement, and started in the same year. Currently, there are 2 exchange students from counterpart school studying in the school. This project won the funding of Shanghai Municipal Government overseas study and internship scholarship in recent years. In 2010,"Japanese Education Status in China" jointly studied by Keisen University and teachers from our Japanese major won the funding of Japanese Ministry of Education and successfully accomplished in 2011. In May, 2011, Professor Shi Xiaowei, dean of Japanese major was invited to give lecture in Keisen University. The lecture of Professor Shi talked about interpretation and view of Japanese literature and culture in China to the students and local people and raised great concern.



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