International Symposium of “Learning about Old-age Health Services”

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Old-age health problems are an important theme for discussion in social development, also one of the hot issues in international academia.

On the morning of Oct. 17th, the International Symposium of “Learning about Old-age Health Services” was opened at Xie Xide Hall of our university.It is aimed at promoting theoretical studies and practices in relevant fields and building an academic platform for exchanges and discussions among Chinese and foreign scholars. The symposium was hosted jointly by Huadong Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Fudan University and our university.It has also received huge support from Project Hope, Shanghai Nursing Association, Renji Hospital Affiliated with Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Health and Family Planning Commission of Pudong District. Among the attendees and speakers of the opening ceremony were Director Wen Suzhen of Shanghai Nursing Association, Chair Zhang Kan of the Department of Scientific Research and Education of Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission, Chair He Pengcheng of the Department of Private Education Administration of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Director Yu Zhuowei of Huadong Hospital, and President Li Jin of Sanda University.Xu Yan, Standing Vice Dean of the International School of Medical Technologies of Sanda University and Chair of the Department of Nursing, presided over the opening ceremony.













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