National Peking Opera Theatre Gave Lecture and Performance at Sanda

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On the evening of Oct. 24th, more than 400 students came to Xie Xide Hall and enjoyed the marvelous performance of the actors and actresses of the National Peking Opera Theatre ---“On Peking Opera”, which combines performances with explanations of the show.They were able to experience the classics of Peking Opera and get a taste of this quintessence of Chinese culture.



With the permission of the Theatre, the Youth League Committee and the Student Union took 30 students, including some international students at Sanda, to the backstage to watch the cast’s entire make-up process.



In the beginning of the performance, the main speaker Mr. Xu Mengke explained to the audience what Peking Opera is with an introduction of the 200-year history of Peking Opera culture, combining photos and videos on the development of the opera and citing his own personal journey of learning the performing art.Some students commented afterwards, “What Mr. Xu said enabled us to understand the arduous efforts our predecessors have made, and to get an idea of the serious attitude every Peking Opera singer possesses.”



Mr. Xu’s introduction was interspersed with Peking opera highlights including “Dingjunshan Mountain”, “Princess Shuangyang”, “Li Kui went down the Mountain”, “The Heavenly Maids Scatter Blossoms”, “Farewell My Concubine” and performances featuring various Peking Opera music styles, a medley of Peking Opera singing (“Like Floating Clouds and Flowing Water”), an exhibition of Peking Opera character types, singing, speaking, acting and acrobatic fighting, and a jinghu (a string instrument especially used for Peking Opera) solo.



After the performance, a boy student remarked:“This show has helped me get to know Peking Opera, to feel the charm of the art and to gain further insights into traditional Chinese arts.”A girl student said she is an amateur performer herself and that this lecture has deepened her understanding of the art of Peking Opera.Instructor Chen said:”People of my age all love Peking Opera.I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to watch such an outstanding performance.” A foreign instructor exclaimed:“It’s pretty cool! I have never seen something like this before!”

 Translated By Wei Ding

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