Wenhui Daily: Educating Specialized Talents and Matchmaking Them with the Shanghai Pilot FTA

Publisher:夏琪Delivery time:2013-11-06Views:87



To take advantage of its proximity to the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and to matchmake its students with the companies of the FTZ, yesterday Shanghai Sanda University established its College of Modern Service Outsourcing.The College plans to combine student learning with research and production in its educational scheme, highlighting the cultivation of applied talents. “In the future, we will send our students directly into the FTZ to intern and to work.”


Sanda University will invest 10 million yuan next year to establish a comprehensive training center for the new college in order to enhance students’ practical operational abilities.The College of Modern Service Outsourcing will admit students starting fall 2014 and will also be open to students already majoring in finance and computer science at Sanda who are interested in studying at the new college and whose applications are deemed acceptable.


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