Rider University

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From its beginnings as a private business college nearly a century and a half ago, Rider University has consistently thrived as a home for students seeking a timely, relevant and thorough curriculum and an environment to satisfy their intellectual curiosity. Founded in 1865 as Trenton Business College, the institution was established to train leaders in the booming, industrialized post-Civil War economy. Today, while Rider still produces some of today’s leading executives, it has also evolved into a diverse, comprehensive university with vibrant and expansive programs in the arts, sciences and education.

Gradually growing in size and scope through the first half of the 20th century, Rider began its move to a more spacious, suburban campus in 1959, when the first offices and classes moved to a 280-acre tract of land on Route 206 in Lawrence Township, N.J. Today, Rider’s Lawrenceville campus is home to its College of Business Administration; College of Liberal Arts, Education, and Sciences; College of Continuing Studies, School of Education; and shares the Westminster College of the Arts with the Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, N.J.

As a united entity, Rider University is a student-centered institution firmly grounded in a continued standard of excellence that is the hallmark of the Westminster and Lawrenceville programs, regardless of discipline, across the entire academic spectrum.


Sanda University and Rider University signed a cooperation agreement, and recruit the first group of 66 students in 2002. Until January, 2013, the number of participants in this project has reached 240 people, visa success rate is 100%. Among the students who participate in this project, 202 students has achieved double bachelor’s degree and 32 students are studying as undergraduate in Rider now, 169 students has achieved master’s degree and 28 students are studying as postgraduate in Rider now. During the period of studying for a master’s degree in Rider University, students are arranged by Rider to have a 3-6 months professional internship in well-known enterprises of the United State. Students can get some compensation without paying tax. What’s more, through the internship, their work ability has been greatly improved. Further more, qualified students can get scholarship from Shanghai Municipal Government and Lander University



URL: www.rider.edu

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